Original designs for your little blessings.


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18 Responses to “Home”

  1. Beth Wayne

    Love the new website! We love your dresses! I just had a little boy, do you have plans for adding coordinating boy outfits?

  2. Stephanie

    Such a great job on the site Heidi! You are talented in so many ways. I love the new spring line as well. :)

  3. Pamela C Boswell

    Have you started making or selling Patterns yet?? Love your work!!

  4. Debora Lytton

    Shared your photo!! LOVE all your dress. Can’t wait for my little girl to start walking to really be able to model the cuteness of your styles.

  5. Laura Jones

    You have such adorable things. I have 3 daughters that would look adorable in all these.

  6. Autumn Helgren

    I have twins coordinating outfits for boy/girl would rock!

  7. Emily Chun

    I have boy/girl twins too and agree that coordinating outfits would rock:) Love your style!

  8. Rebekah Imig

    My best friend has been buying these dresses for her 3 yr old since I can remember. And now I’m excited to start buying them for my new neice!! Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!


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